"Focus on the user and all else will follow".
(Google Company Philosophy #1.)

Contracted to lead gTech UX initiatives in London, reporting to a brilliant Lead UX Manager in Mountain View. It was a privilege to be immersed in Google culture, to work amongst so much excellence, with so many wonderful, talented, passionate, truly googley people. Our primary role was to redesign and merge two business critical tools, without delivering a faster horse.

Who: gTech UX

The gTech division is responsible for driving the customer to the forefront of all our internal tools. gTech Eng are a highly talented team of innovative engineers building these business critical internal tools. Spread out across various regions, with a large base of engineers here in London. gTech UX was formed out of Mountain View to support our engineering efforts to put the user first.

My primary impact was to capture the power of the crowd. UX is an engine through which ideas can be generated, validated and priorisitised around a democratic framework and agreed goals for practical decision making. I will continue to evangelise the benefits of nurturing creativity through open, adult-to-adult relationships.


Google London


July 2014 - January 2015


Breaking mould
UX Research
UX Best Practice
User Interviews
Persona Development
Interaction Design
High Fidelity UI Design
Information Architecture


Clapham, London


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