A pretty darn cool idea for an app. Validating assumptions. Step One. Discovery.

Rentr was an app designed specifically for landlords. Through discovery we uncovered the tenant half of the equation that hadn't been considered in the functional specifications. An entire spec dedicated to landlord functionality, without the dependent part of the flow which was a tenant's interaction.

This made for fun design exploration and led to further discoveries. We started working through wireframes, user journeys and mid fidelity clickable prototypes designed in illustrator, made clickable and collaborative in invision. All assets and specifications made ready for HD Android or Retina Apple devices.

"Consensus leads to mediocrity, Conflict to excellence." Eric Schmidt.

Working with very differently wired but brilliant minds across this project made for excellent challenges to the status quo, drilling down to the core proposition, strategy and so, functionality. We worked towards an MVP which laid the groundwork for an achievable, user-centric vision led by a great founder and entrepreneur.

In fact it was the founder Vik that first introduced me to Pranav Mistry, that first showed me holographic technology in action when he built a prototype with Richard Branson being beamed down by Scotty and finally, focused my mind on the future of user interaction design.


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